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By Thomas J. Greenbaum

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Glass Art

Lifeforce Water Elixir Generating Bowl

The Lifeforce Water Elixir Generating Bowl is a battery-powered Inner Peace Machine and beautifully sculpted art piece.

The design incorporates a healing crystal, an etched-copper chime and a kiln-fused and slumped glass bowl. The glass bowl is held within a set of two gimbals actuated by two servos. The glass bowl holds pure spring water to be transformed into an elixir energized with lifeforce energy. The purpose of the servos and gimbals is to gently rock the bowl so that the spring water is swirled in a circular motion. A ring of 16 pure white LED lamps are arranged in a circle shining up into the bowl from the base. The automated sequence of servos swirling the water in the bowl, the sounding of the chime and the illumination of the LED lights are controlled by a microprocessor. The programmed actions of the art piece take place within a coordinated ritual in which the audience participates. The audience is asked to visualize Peace and to energetically charge the water with positive vibrations. The audience thereby empowers the transformation of the swirling water contained in the bowl into a Elixir of Peace. For the finale of the ceremony, the bowl is removed from the gimbals and taken down to a river where the water is poured into the flowing current. In this way, the Elixir of Peace spreads blessings to all of the surrounding area and to the entire Earth.

STUPAfy Interactive, Modulated Sculpture

The STUPAfy Interactive Enlightenment art piece features both sound and lights controlled by a programmed micro-controller (Arduino Uno).

The STUPAfy IE sculpture is inspired by the Buddhist architectural form called a "stupa." The spatial forms of the stupa are symbols and express concepts of metaphysical importance. The title, STUPAfy is a pun which combines the meaning of the word "stupa" and "stupefy" to amaze, astonish and be mysterious and bewildering.

The STUPAfy IE sculpture is crowned by a mesmerizing kiln fused glass globe which rests atop a hand-crafted pine wood base. The hand-crafted fused glass globe is actually a 30-sided spherical geometric figure called a triacontahedron. The glass art piece is beautiful by itself, but the addition of interactive sound and light transforms it to another level.

Blue-Green Triacontahedron

Glass sculpture comprising a 30-sided geometric figure called a triacontahedron. This 10 inch diameter globe is composed of 30 golden-rhombus fused glass panels.

The panels are joined together with embedded stainless steel wire. The wire junctions are covered with 72 flame-worked glass beads (60 blue beads and 12 green beads). The green beads are at the vertices of an icosahedron.

Thirty Transcendent Values

Meditation upon this glass art object enables self to witness symmetry, beauty and truth beyond self.

Creating a single golden rhombus in fused glass is virtuous. But successfully joining thirty glass rhombus in a spherical rhombic triacontahedron is transcendent. The individual glass facets join together with an embedded copper wire network to form a unique glass vessel that encompasses space, color, light, movement, texture, transparency, reflection, and radiance in a whole greater than its parts.

Two Golden Spirals

Stained glass window, free hanging glass, copper foil technique. Two golden spirals are juxtaposed on a geometric construction of a golden rectangle and a golden triangle.

Morphology Of A Virus Attack

Kiln-cast glass sculpture. The subject of the sculpture is a virus attacking a cell. Twenty triangular kiln cast glass panels form the icosahedral structure of the virus protein capsid. The icosahedronís beautiful symmetry hides the dangerous nature of the viral morphology.

The sculpture is made entirely of kiln-cast recycled glass. Other materials include copper wire, brass rod, silicone adhesive and wooden base.

Hexagram 64, Fire Over Water, Completion

I CHING hexagram # 64, Fire Over Water, Wei Chi - Before Completion.

Fire over Water Caution, regeneration, Potential, Clarity. During regenerative (times of renewal and transformation) times such as these there is intense pressure to succeed but, to get anywhere worthwhile, you need to proceed cautiously and with firm dedication to higher principles.

Moonrise and Sunset

Fused glass plate with dichroic glass tack-fused. Abstract composition.

Talisman: Head, Heart and Ground

This talisman is made of three large glass beads, stainless steel wire, and leather. The talisman empowers the actions of the wearer by connecting our Head, Heart and the Ground of Reality.

  • The top Head bead symbolizes intelligence, reasoning, logic, skill and knowledge.
  • The middle Heart bead symbolizes wisdom, openess, compassion and loving kindness.
  • The bottom Ground Of Reality bead symbolizes truth, faith, hope, realization of the union of life and death, the understanding of the interdependence of all things, and insight that all time (past and future) and all space exist in the here-and-now.

Hanging Lamp - Recycled & Stained Glass

A unique hanging lamp incorporating stained glass and fused recycled glass. The colors of the iridescent stained glass complement the interior design colors of the sitting room.

A series of tall thin panels are arrayed in a cylinder. Each panel is created with a delicate frame of clear fused recycled bottle glass surrounding a rectangle of iridescent stained glass. The bottom of the cylinder is a single heavy disk of fused bottle glass.

Stained Glass Archive

A collection of stained glass objects created in the 1980's by Tom Greenbaum. Many of these were sold in the old Albuquerque Craftsman's Guild.

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Spheriphor - Spherical Metaphor

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Application

ISDE5 Technology Demonstration

Spheriphor Study 01

Spheriphor Study 01

Spheriphor Study 02

Spheriphor Study 02

Spheriphor Study 03

Spheriphor Study 03

Spheriphor Study 04

Spheriphor Study 04

Spheriphor Study 05

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Digital Fine Art

Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral Sunset Sailing

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Ephemeral Web Art

Perpetual Patchwork Quilt

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Investigation Of Snowflakes

Appreciation of Natural Beauty

Snowflake Man

Evolution Versus Creation

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Work In Progress

Buddhabrot I

Buddhabrot II

Fractal Crucifix

Network by Thomas J. Greenbaum

Social Network Karmic Tetrahedron

DNA by Thomas J. Greenbaum

DNA - No Contact

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